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14. Moondance

Ballerina foot by Tiquis

I’m in a place deep within, black like night except for a crescent moon – I love crescents, low on the horizon, reflecting on water, but it isn’t now, it’s reflecting on a black surface, like a still lake at night, but it has no shore; it extends infinitely in all directions, and I’m standing on it, it’s solid but soft – maybe I’m walking on water, but I leave no impression, cause no ripples – it’s warm here, and I’m dressed, well, comfortably, and by now you should know how I’m most comfortable – and I’m most comfortable now, now without periods, flowing on one of my inner streams, a stream that has become the endless sea that supports me and reflects my moon, my lover, and I feel happy – no reason, just happy within, free, free to express myself; I trace an arc with my toes around to my right, I spin and reach for the moon as I would a lover on the deck of a ship, departing on a long voyage, my moon will become renewed on its journey, I plier, relever, and glisser, again to my right (I’m horribly left-footed), and stretch my left leg up, pointing to my lover, before rocking forward, down onto my knees, rolling left, once, twice, onto my back, rolling into a split, again reaching for the moon – I rock forward onto my chest, remembering to point my toes, and fingers, I roll again, feet over head, back to a standing relaxed position, I sprint forwards into an arabesque

A devilish part of me wishes there was a pole here, I want to pole dance for my lover – I knew a pole dancer once, she, too, played French horn and sat next to me in an orchestra, she was beautiful, soft, not brash, like you would expect of a pole dancer, she was remarkably feminine and masculine at the same time, I could have loved her, would have if we weren’t both into our men at the time, both coincidentally across the orchestra in the trombone section, I wish she were dancing with me now, dancing together for the moon, perhaps she is, there in my heart, I’d feel her wrapped around me as I leap again and spin, she’s there, holding me, keeping me from falling as I become more daring, a double spin – I spot on the moon to keep from getting dizzy – I pretend she is there as my pole and envelope her, another relever, tourner, and élancer straight towards the moon and another arabesque, she’s right behind me,

I stop, plier, I’m quite flexible, but usually also clumsy, I’m perfect for my lover, setting on the horizon, my moon touches its mirror, as I embrace mine, my invisible pole dancer, in the fading light I spin again, and roll, I leap into a circle of arabesques as a final parting flourish, and another plier, relever onto my toes and a vertical split – can’t do that on my toes, but I’ve rocked back and spun – it’s almost black now and I can feel my pole dancer holding me, protecting until my moon returns, I’m safe, and expectant

Basic ballet movements:

1. plier, to bend
2. étendre, to stretch
3. relever, to rise
4. sauter, to leap
5. élancer, to dart
6. glisser, to glide
7. tourner, to turn