A Blogovella by Ezzie Dryar (Anne Martin)

About Eirica

Eirica Johnstone is a creation of Ezzie Dryar, who is a creation of Anne Martin, who is … (OK, I'll stop there) … she's the head honcho at The Cult of Anne. If Ezzie Dryar is the uninhibited (some might say “uninhabited”) form of Anne, Eirica is the full-on obsessed version of Ezzie. (Read what you will into that.)

Obsession is Eirica's diary. She's obsessed with the internet, tweeting, Facebook, and when she wants something, she gets it – even if it isn't what she expected. She's a musician, a university post-grad, and the heiress of an obscure branch of a Scottish clan. Did I say she lived in a castle? (She has an intimate relationship with its ghosts – and I do mean intimate.)

To read more of Anne Martin's work (including More Late Nights with Ezzie Dryar) visit The Cult of Anne or find her on the Writerscafe.org.

I've decided to expand this site to include Bathing In the Hot Tub of my Mind, which is an ongoing series of stream of consciousness essays, which are technically Anne Martin, but in spirit are much in keeping with the Eirica’s obsessions. The most recent of them is already posted at The Cult of Anne, but I'll serialize them all here (with some artwork?).


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  1. Image courtesy of Mike Dover

    November 1, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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