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6. Undressing


I dress for comfort, not for looks, and I feel most comfortable in my running gear. I run almost every day regardless of the weather. My day-glow jacket comes off first; it’s the tight-fitting kind. I hate hearing the swish-swish of the loose ones, and it’s day-glow because I get up early, before the sun rises in the winter. I don’t want to get hit by cars, obviously. If I can help it, I’d rather not wear it at all. I prefer to run as lightly as possible, so if it’s over 40 out there, I’m in a t-shirt. I wear those hi-tech wicking shirts that draw the sweat away from my body, keeping me feeling dry while looking like I’m a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest, even before I run. The leave little to the imagination, especially when I wear my white one, like today. My running bra shows right through it, and after my run, my nipples are always quite prominent. That’s why I usually run in patterned shirts, if I’m not wearing the jacket.

Next to come off are my shoes. Again, they are hi-tech, but I’ve never liked wearing shoes of any kind. If I could run barefoot without tearing up my feet and destroying my ankles, I would. At least the shoe liners are unobtrusive. In the winter I wear black lycra tights; taking them off is like peeling a ripe banana, revealing my stilts … well … legs. You would like them – they are long runners legs with soft skin and firm muscles, and well-tanned. Maybe they are too long, but they get me where I need to go, and quickly. Removing my t-shirt, you’ll find my running bra – black today because of the white shirt. It keeps my breasts from bouncing around when I run. You may find them rather disappointing – more like mangoes than melons. Serious runners are usually small-breasted, since distance running suppresses your hormones. Underneath the bra, they are still nice and firm – pretty good for someone on the wrong side of 40. My nipples are small and dark pink. My tummy is still flat, too, an advantage of decades of a strict running regime, and I have a nice glaze of sweat all over. That leaves my panties; they aren’t the bikini style I normally wear during the day. They are fuller, so they don’t slide down and don’t show through the lycra – dark blue today, just for a little splash of colour. Underneath? Well, I won’t describe that. You know what’s there. Well, as you can see, I’m a natural redhead. Keep you tongue in your mouths! I’m ready to take my shower now.

It’s your turn.